Friday, September 18, 2009

Another YouTube Video on Starting Your Page

YouTube is a great resource for scrapbooking tutorials. Here's another basic video done by SeeJaneScrapbook so that you can get another perspective! There are some things I might do differently, but hey, as long as the page looks good and you're not crying from frustration, who cares! I'll add some of these videos from time to time. If you happen across a good YouTube video, let my know and I'll post it for all to see!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Digi Scrapbooking, The Basics. Tutorial 1

There was such a great response to the digi scrapbooking class I taught for enrichment months ago, that some friends who had missed it were hoping for another class. Well, scheduling became a problem, and so I decided just to put the tutorial on my blog. That way if you missed something, you can go back to it, and watch it again. The lessons will be done in 10 minutes sections. This first lesson is the basics of putting a page together. Its to hopefully get you playing around with your program. You will learn about 5 of your best friends in Photoshop:

  1. The Move tool
  2. The Rectangular Marquee tool
  3. Ctrl+C (copy)
  4. Ctrl +V (paste)
  5. The ratio button

Also, in the sidebar of this blog are some great blogs and websites. Always check for freebies! A few disclaimers about the video, my voice seems to be a little ahead of my actions, I hope that doesn't confuse you. Also, at one point, I am changing the color of a circle from brown to blue, and the cursor SHOULD change from an arrow to an eyedropper. It does not on the video, please do not ask why. I'm choosing to not be picky with the computer Gods today. The paper kit is from Summertime designs. Check out her blog in the list below. You can enlarge the video to see it better. Scroll over the bottom of the video and find the link! And I'll apologize in advance for Wyatt's commentary!

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